Gleaming Windows

Good Morning Houston!         Can we just start by saying what a beautiful week we have to look forward to? I know I cannot possibly be the only one looking forward to this beautiful sunny 80 degree weather. I’m also very fortunate that even when I’m inside my home I will feel as if I am out in it due to my windows being freshly cleaned. This will be the week of letting all the natural light in and the beginning of all the fall feels!        You truly never know how dirty your windows actually are until you’ve had them cleaned. Let’s make sure our view is not distorted in the least with this beautiful weather to come, trust me, you won’t want to miss out on the true beauty of it due to an obstructed view.  Until next time!  

Painting your house?

Thinking about painting the exterior of your home? Well, before you do anything let us give you a few pointers! Deciding to revamp your home by painting the exterior can be a big decision. Choosing colors, making sure its done in the right season and most importantly making sure you find a reputable company. You really have to be careful on that last one, there are some companies that just want to get you in and done to collect a paycheck. However, a reputable company will go over everything that needs to be done prior to, as well as timing. Summer’s are always the best time of year to have something like this done, the hot sunny days make for faster dry times and let me tell you, the faster the house dries, the less imperfections that are likely to pop up (like falling leaves). Another really important part prior to having your home painted is to have your house washed….and we aren’t talking about the inside. It is very important to have a professional come out and wash the exterior o

Wash Your Roof!

Good afternoon,      This morning I was looking over some of our before and after pictures and this set really stood out to me. The difference of this roof is so remarkable, it is like day and night. I know a lot of us don't realize how dirty our roofs get over time, but when you think about it...the roof gets all of the natural disaster. Rain, wind, hail, tree name it, your roof gets it. Especially our homes in Houston where the humidity is high! It is truly crazy to see the difference first hand. For example, when I am visiting friends and family in Dallas I can be driving around looking at roofs (yes, whenever I am driving around I am noticing all of your roofs, it is part of what I do after all. I can't help it) and they all look like they were just built, very few have stains. Then when I come to Houston and I am driving around looking at all the roofs, most of them have mold, mildew and algae stains (like the image below). Reason being is because it is much more